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Sell your video content on Facebook

Sell film and TV to your Facebook audience with Screenburn. Monetize your existing audience, increase distribution and find new fans. Screenburn enables you to sell video content to your existing audience from within your own Facebook page. Users don’t need to log on anywhere else, they can be watching your content in just a few clicks.

Turn those fans in to dollars, by easily converting them in to paying customers for your video content. You can also take a look at our guide on how to sell your film online using Facebook and other social channels.

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Geo-targeted cinema listings

Screenburn can be used to increase movie ticket sales through our ScreenTimes cinema listings app which targets the right audience, in the right place, at the right time. Taking full advantage of geo-targeting functionality, Screenburn can serve your social media audience with the most up-to-date and localised cinema listings in their area.

Fans can easily go on to purchase tickets, meaning a greater ROI for your social media campaign. Monitor results in real time with Screenburn’s custom dashboard and add dynamic content such as movie trailers and clips to further enhance your targeted cinema listings.

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Maximise your trailer launch

Capture vital user data for every trailer view as you launch your movie’s campaign on social media channels. Using Screenburn’s ‘Screenview’ application, you can start building a new audience into your existing CRM from the first teaser trailer.

As users engage with the trailer via their news feed, you can begin to build a picture of who your audience is so you can reach them directly with further content and offers. Gain valuable insights on key demographic information that will better inform your marketing activity as your campaign continues to gain momentum through to theatrical release and home video.

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Increase engagement with custom sweepstakes

Create your own bespoke Facebook sweepstakes within Screenburn to increase engagement with your movie’s social media campaign and capture quality actionable data such as user email addresses. Screenburn’s sweepstake app works to deliver real ROI to your campaign by placing an emphasis on a single click opt-in for fans instead of simply ‘likes’ and ‘shares’. This means you get great data from the fans who engage the most and great data you can use for marketing theatrical, home video and merchandise releases.

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Our Facebook VoD player enables you to sell directly to your Facebook audience, on a number of different devices.

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Screenburn is founded and backed by experienced media and technology professionals



Steve Macallister

Non Executive Director

Steve Macallister is Chief Executive at Zodiak Rights, and previous Managing Director Worldwide Sales & Distribution at BBC Worldwide and SVP & MD Disney ABC. He brings a wealth of experience from the TV industry to Screenburn.

Howard Kiedaisch,

Howard Kiedaisch

Non Executive Director

Howard is the CEO of Arts Alliance Media & previous COO at Universal Pictures International. He has an excellent knowledge of cinema distribution for alternative content, having previously released titles theatrically for Coldplay and Pearl Jam.

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