Facebook VOD

Monetize your existing audience

Sell film and TV to your Facebook audience with Screenburn. Monetize your existing audience, increase distribution and find new fans. Screenburn enables you to sell video content to your existing audience from within your own Facebook page. Users don’t need to log on anywhere else, they can be watching your content in just a few clicks. Turn those fans in to dollars, by easily converting them in to paying customers for your video content.

Screenburn easily plugs in to your existing Facebook fan page by adding a simple ‘Watch Now’ button to the top of your page. Screenburn is a white-label solution meaning you keep the rights to your content and control all the images, copy and marketing materials, we just provide you with the tools to sell video to your fans.

Find New Fans

Building a community around your content is an extremely important part of your social campaign. The combination of Screenburn and Facebook enables you to interact with your audience in a way never before possible. Users can watch content, share it with friends and interact with others all within the Facebook interface.

Any time someone watches the content on Facebook this is automatically broadcast in the users activity feed, or they can share it directly with their friends. If a user wishes to recommend a video to a particular friend, they can choose to share it with a selected individual or group. This personal recommendation is a valuable tool in growing your Facebook fans and content views.

Screenburn also offers a direct communication channel with your fans, providing many opportunities to build engagement with your audience. You can gain feedback, run polls and even let your fans decide what happens next in your story. The possibilities really are endless!

Increase Distribution

Sell your film and TV content to 1bn Facebook users worldwide, no matter what device they are using. Screenburn is an effective way to increase distribution for your film or TV show. Getting theatrical distribution can be very difficult, particularly for independent film. Cut out the middle man and sell directly to your audience on Facebook with Screenburn. Give your fans the opportunity to like and share your content, and watch it grow all around the world.