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What is Screenburn?
Screenburn is a Facebook Video on Demand platform. We enable you to sell video content from your existing Facebook page. It works well for monetizing your existing audience, finding new fans and increasing distribution of your video content.
What type of content can I sell on Screenburn?
You can sell a wide variety of content on Facebook including film, TV, music, sport, comedy and fitness videos. If it’s content you wouldnt mind showing your Mum then we don’t mind selling it.
Can I sell rentals or downloads of my film?
At the moment we focus on rentals of your film only. Our customers prefer rentals, and we can deliver secure streams directly through the browser to a number of devices (which we can’t with downloads).
Can I sell my movie on other platforms as well?
Sure, Facebook works really well because it’s a platform your fans use every day. You may have already have a good sized existing audience that are ready and waiting to buy your content. We do understand you’re keen to sell as widely as possible though, so you’re free to sell on any other (non Facebook) platform.
What do you do to prevent piracy?
You can either enable or disable Digital Rights Management (DRM), which will encrypt your movie. DRM prevents unautherised playback but it does add restrictions as to which devices can be used to play back the file. Unless you’re a studio, we recommend disabling DRM for greater device compatability. The DRM technology we use is Microsoft PlayReady, the same technology used by companies such as Netflix.
How much does it cost to sell on Screenburn?
We set up your application for you so you can get started immediately. We charge an £120 ($199) setup fee for this, and 30% transaction fee on all content sold. This covers all hosting, payment and delivery costs.
How and when do I get paid?
We pay you every month, one month in arrears (for example you will be paid in August for all transactions occurring in July). We send you a report at the end of the month and you invoice us, we can pay by bank transfer (UK) or PayPal (international).
Do I have to pay tax?
As the seller of your content Screenburn charges sales tax to the consumer, however you are ultimately responsible for your own tax affairs and should check with your local accountant on tax rules in your own territory. Tax is taken off at source and you are paid on the NET amount (price after tax).
How do I deliver my movie?
An HD MP4 file is great, we can be flexible on the exact specs. Once we create your app you will be sent a web link to easily upload your film.
Can I sell via my website?
We focus on selling on Facebook because you already have an audience there and it’s a platform your fans use on a regular basis. We therefore just work on Facebook at this time, although you can promote the sharing link via websites, email campaigns and other social media websites.
Can I geo-block my app?
Yes, you control in which territories your content is available. You can either set this on a whitelist or blacklist basis.
Are you compatible with mobile devices?
Our non-DRM player can be used on a wide variety of mobile and tablet devices including iPad, iPhone and Android devices. DRM enabled movies are restricted to PC/Mac and our iPad application which is available soon.